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Keeps You Guessing!

Tahoe Blues - Aubree Lane

I – and 9 other members of Lane’s Lunatics – was asked to read an ARC version of this book to post a review on it’s publication date (which may be a few days late as the poor editor had a medical mishap), so my copy was free, but my review is 100% my own opinion.


To begin with, the plot twists and turns in this book were completely unexpected. Everyone – and I do mean everyone – expects it to be the ex-husband. However, that isn’t the whole story by a long shot. There are so many U-turns in this book it blew my mind, and that’s what kept me reading it.

I’m a rough reviewer sometimes – sorry Aubree! – but I honestly didn’t like Cara too much. Keep in mind this might be fixed in the published copy, but Cara went irrational at the oddest times to me. I honestly thought she should have gotten irrational over some of the confrontations, and THEN thought through what the other party had said. Yet, she was almost self-reflective even when she shouldn’t have been at that stage yet. Also, the fact she didn’t notice Tanner’s hotness until he was in a tux at a fancy gala was a point against her to me. However, she did mention she thought she might have gotten snobby because of that too.

Tanner I did like, although I felt he should have played a tad more of role in the whole plot than ‘new boyfriend’ role he seemed to be stuck with. Although he had a tons going in his favor in trying to let Cara handle her problems without going alpha “I’ll fix everything for you, little lady” on her, which was very realistic for how I’d want to be treated in real life. In novels, I might have wished a tad more alpha into him.

Overall, good read! It might have been a better read for me if I had liked Cara more and there was a tad too much explanations of their thought processes, but with the complete surprises this book kept throwing at you,  Honestly, while I had character issues, Aubree was a master at keeping me guessing! it’s well worth the read! 3.5 stars!