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My Favorite Covenant Novel!

Elixir - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This shorter little piece is told exclusively from Aiden St. Clair’s point of view during his desperation in trying to break the connection between his beloved Alex and Seth. He’s faced with horrible choices and it’s his struggle to find a way to help her before Apollo is forced to do something drastic.


I loved this one. I didn’t like Alex in it for obvious reasons, but the view into Aiden’s mind was a welcome one. I adored it. It needed to be told and I’m happy it did. Plus the choice he came up with in the end shows just how much he does love her, despite the taboo on their relationship. JLArmentrout does an amazing job when she finally writes from the male protagonist’s side and this just might be my favorite of all of the Covenant books. 5 stars!