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Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Wow, things get kind of heated a bit in this one. You throw in Seth, who is supposed to be Alex’s other half, yet she still loves Aiden, the forbidden one. Throw in a summons to the council and plots to destroy her because of what she is, and Alex’s life just can’t get more messed up.


I like Seth. I really do, he’s a bit of an ass, but I like my fictional men a little like that. In all honesty, it really does seem like the only person outside of himself he cares for is Alex. The different personalities that JLA can create astound me sometimes. Although I do wished Aiden and Alex’s relationship would go a bit faster, but to be honest, it was perfectly done to keep us aching for it. This is definitely another ‘stay up all night just to finish one more chapter’ type of book. 5 stars!