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It's Spike's Turn

Hard Mated -  Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: I like Spike. Heck, I like the Spike from Buffy too. He’s just so bad-ass most of the time and despite – or maybe because of – his previous position as the former leader’s tracker when he was portrayed as a bit of a villain, this story was much anticipated by me. And it did not disappoint. Despite being a short novel, there was plenty of depth to this tale and plenty of heat as well. I felt it didn’t quite round out Myka as much as I wanted it to, but I couldn’t put it down when I got it and rereading it again didn’t change that. 4 stars!


(Two things.  First, this is the best cover of the series I think.  Awesome!!!  I was tempted to simply give 5 stars just for this cover.  Second, do NOT look up Hard Mated cover pics because you get a lot of pics you did NOT need.  LOL!!)