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Prequel to Shifters Unbound

Shifter Made - Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: I read this after reading nearly all the other Shifters Unbound series and I recommend you read at least one of the full-length novels before you read this one as the importance of the sword to the Shifters isn’t exactly emphasized in this novella. However, it is also a good start to the series itself, taking place hundreds of years before the rest of the novels, when the Fae had yet to fully abandon our world. As with all of Jennifer Ashley’s stories, this is a romance.  A hard romance between a Feline Shifter – Niall – and a Fae woman – Alanna – and how they came to forge the Sword of the Guardian, and more especially, why.


Personally, it was a nice, but very short read, though I felt it could have been a little more drama surrounding the Fae/Shifter hatred those two should be experiencing. And it was really too short to like or dislike the main protagonists and it obviously wasn’t deeply involved. However, for a short fluffy explanation piece, it was well done. 3 stars.