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Great Starting Novel

Pride Mates -  Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: This is the book that roped me into the series. I don’t remember where I picked up my printed copy, probably the local second-hand book store (because I love The Book Exchange), it looked interesting based off the blurb and the cover so I shrugged and grabbed it. And boy was I ever happy I did! Liam is uber-sexy with the Irish accent, the laid-back attitude, the alpha-ism, oh my! And he’s a Feline – in Jennifer Ashley’s world, they are actually Fae-cats – and any feline-type shifter in books makes me happy. They are my favorite! Plus Kim is very likable and I could really relate to her.  Not to mention her take charge attitude when dealing with Liam and his orders.  So I’d give this beginning novel 5 stars! It hooked me good!