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Graveyard Shift  - Angela Roquet

I've seen and read a few books about reapers in various forms, although I haven't yet read one from the point of view of a reaper and that's what captured my attention for this series.  Not to mention the covers are quite unique.


I have to say the story was set almost entirely in Limbo, the afterlife, and all such places where a reaper works and the world that Angela Roquet created was, in a word, amazing.  I loved how she explained everything so that it fit together with the beliefs of humanity.  It was one of the niftier versions of afterlife worlds I've read in quite a long time.  I loved it!


As for the characters, my favorite is the main protagonist Lana, of course.  She's flawed enough to like her and yet she has quite a lot of hidden depths, some of which comes out in this novel.  She wasn't too terribly deep, but I imagine that will change as the entire series is named after her so we'll see more of her and her growth.  As for the other characters, I loved Gabriel.  He was just great, who'd have thought he'd end up being the way he was.  THAT little twist was a unique one for me in any novel.  I'm not sure I like or dislike Josie, Lana's friend, but we'll see how that plays out later.  Grim of course is an ass, but he's supposed to be.


As for the angel boyfriend, I liked him, but it felt like Lana went from not avoiding him to suddenly calling him her boyfriend, and as far as I knew, they hadn't even kissed at that point.  By the end that changed of course, but still.  That part was a bit off.  But heck, doesn't matter, I still enjoy the storyline enough I didn't even notice until I was done with the novel.


Also, the writing was very well done and dialog amazing, and I really can't wait to get started on book two!  Sadly, I have a few more books to read before I can do that. 


4 stars!