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Not my usual read, but a decent one!

The Man Without Rules - Tyffani Clark Kemp

I wasn't sure about this series at first (although the author is such a sweetie, I wanted to give it a chance), so it was with mixed feelings I started this unusual (for me) romance series. The fact that Mariss is married to someone else was kind of the part that made me have issues. I don't mind three-some novels at all, that wasn't the issue. In any case, at first, I thought Sebastian was a bit of a.... spoiled brat in more ways than one. I don't mind man-whores in my stories, but wow, he took it to a whole new level!


I did however like Mariss from the start. She was conflicted but in a way I think a lot of people could understand, even loving someone. It was nice. Toward the middle of this book, when more emotions came into play, I found I didn't dislike Sebastian as much as I did at first, and he really started to grow on me. Of course, we all hate Hellena, I'm sure. Julie was a hoot, although I did have one issue where her loyalties changed, despite knowing Sebastian so well. I thought perhaps she should have at least understood a bit where he was coming from, especially since that man has never been hurt before like that.


The writing and plot were actually very well done. Despite having the word erotic in the genre categories there, I was amazed at how very much story played into this novel and was extremely thrilled about it, of course. I like story with my erotic scenes. If this were more my typical romance and I didn't struggle so much at the begging to stay interested, it might have had a higher rating. But because the middle through the end made up for it, I enjoyed the read immensely.


Fair warning though, this book definitely left things unfinished. Which is why I'm glad I had The Red Wife to move on to. 3.5 Stars!