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Christmas with a SEAL (Uniformly Hot!) - Tawny Weber

I have a confession to make. I'm not much of a holiday person. Yes, I know. Horrible person that I am, I dislike the crap that comes with the holidays, not the actual holidays themselves. I'm a rabid romance reader and yet I don't like holiday romances usually, either. It's probably because most of the ones I find tend to be kind of hokey. Although since this is my first holiday season as a book blogger, I felt I was kind of obligated to give a few of them a try. I also figured – being a part of Tawny Weber's Street Team – that a good bet for a good holiday romance would be one by her. I was completely right.


As always, this entry into Weber's SEAL series was in no way lacking because of the addition of the holidays in its title or as a main feature in the story itself. In fact, it wasn't an exactly theme at the start, even. A nice sexy SEAL home for his sister's wedding where he meets the housekeepers daughter and practically drools on her shoes, despite having a very rigid call sign in the unit. Very nice.


I did find Frankie's thought processes on her supposed way of dealing with the art block she had going on a bit out there, but heck, it wasn't that unreasonable. Some women – myself included sometimes – can be a bit out there in our thought processes. Of course, I'd probably only use sex to unblock writer's block on romances and erotica stories, rather than actual jewelry, but who am I to know? I'm not very artsy-craftsy that way.


I did adore Phillip, though. Even his name screamed that he came from money. And his rigidity except with regard to Frankie was simply drool-worthy. To see him lose his control over just the one girl and her situation... Who wouldn't die for that opportunity?


The story itself wasn't complicated either, a simple and sweet love story novel that is a bit on the short side (if you normally read 300-400 page novels), but as always, Tawny did some amazing characterization and just enough buildup to the actual conclusion of the story to keep us reading without anything feeling forced or rushed or even dragged out. It was well done!


As always, I would read anything written by Tawny Weber. 4.5 Stars!


I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review – an also very nicely signed book that goes on my shelf!