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Tawny Weber's always a good read!

A SEAL's Salvation - Tawny Weber

Whoever designs Tawny's SEAL covers chooses some seriously hot models. No joke. They're awesome. Plus the shower scene on the front. Yummy!


Now I'm going to ask honestly, who does NOT love the idea of a hot Navy SEAL romance? Alpha males falling in love, and falling hard, for these sassy, independent women? Yeah, it's an often used idea in romance, but wow, Tawny does it and does it well.


I loved the idea of a bad boy being forced into the Navy because of a girl and coming home a hero to most of his home town after a mission gone wrong. I loved that he never forgot the girl. I loved that the girl never forgot him. The story wasn't too involved, but it didn't need to be. It was a shorter novel that was a romance and all the drama inherent in that. The misunderstandings between the couple, outside influences of family and friends, as well as soul-searching by our couple as well. The usual recipe for a great no-frills romance.


I really sympathized with Genna (LOVE that name) who was forced to be the good girl so much her personality was practically buried. I had been the same way growing up a lot. In any case, I understood that and related to her so much because of that. And of course, the fact she couldn't forget the boy she crushed on in High School is also easily to relate to for nearly every woman I've ever met. It's partly why romance so appeals to us.


As for the bad boy turned Bad Ass SEAL, Brody is hot. Tawny Weber's men are always the type to make me claim them for a bit as a book boyfriend. They're my type of hero to lust after. Who doesn't love to read about take charge men who are damaged in some way? I just love it!


Tawny does an excellent job with how she writes characters. Each character, from the main protagonists down to each minor character, has their own unique personality and idiosyncrasies. Each have their own motivations for their actions and sometimes it is obvious. It makes things more realistic this way and one things Tawny does extremely well is characterization.


I read this book quite fast – heck I've read it twice so far – and I loved it. If it were longer and a bit more involved, I'd have rated it that half star higher. As it is, 4.5 stars!


I was lucky enough to win an autographed paper copy of this novel. On my shelf it stays, having earned its place.