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Cliffhanger Warning - definitely makes one want to read book two!

Straight from the Heart - Breigh Forstner, Dayne Edmondson

***Warning:  Cliffhanger Ending***


The cover and blurb both pulled me in, after all, rock band with a female guitarist?  Yeah, I was all for that.  I did finish it in one day - I was sick though, so I can't say one sitting or that it kept me up - and I did enjoy the read.  


The plot was about what you'd expect from a story like this, although it was a bit more dangerous than the normal bad boy rock band member danger.  I like that addition, though.  It kept it a bit different than just drugs, sex, and rock and roll.  I did have some issues about how the overall story played out however, but without giving away spoilers I can't say much.  Just that, I think if Bryn's parents were that well off, I think they might have a better option that what they supposedly did.


Bryn left home at 18 to pursue a dream her parents strongly disapproved of and joined a band called Everlasting.  I liked Bryn, even if she did do some amazingly dumb things at certain times, but honestly, at 18 and as sheltered as she had been, I might have done the same things.  Or been too scared to do anything.  Cale I also liked, especially because he was so moody and temperamental sometimes.  Their relationship felt a tad bit off to me, the lack of tangible heat in some places I guess?  I'm not sure, it was just... missing.  His protectiveness and anger didn't exactly show as well as I would have liked. 


I did like most of the other characters of this story as well, which is nice.  Breigh Forstner did not go the usual route of making Cale's ex a screaming bitch to Bryn or anyone else.  Damon was pretty nice, although if a *I* wouldn't have been caught dead again in a situation alone with him again.


The writing was pretty decent.  I did have some issues with dialog awkwardness or characters saying things that were a bit redundant, but it wasn't anything bad enough to make me throw up my hands in despair.  It could have used a tad more work, but no real grammar errors.  So that's always nice.


The only reason I didn't give a full four stars is because the cliffhanger was seriously cliffhanger-y.  Like really?  I've done that in one of my stories once and I think I had a riot on my hands, and I got cussed out.  It was fun to do to others.  But admittedly, I do not much like it done to me.  I want to read more!  So 3.5 stars!  And I will be checking out book two!