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A Hilariously Naughty Short Read!!

A Mere Formality - Ilona Andrews

I’m a huge Kate Daniels series fan (which I am currently rereading so that I can read the new book that came out when I wasn’t looking), so I pretty much read just about everything by this husband and wife writing team.


A Mere Formality is a science fiction short story that has a smidgen (and I do mean the tiniest smidgen) of romance in it. It’s extremely short, but the world, the people, the porn humor in it was absolutely amazing. I honestly couldn’t have imagined any other writer capable of building that world and those people in such a short story. It could of course, evolve into an entire involved series if the Andrews wished, but to be honest, I loved it the way it was.


I laughed my ass off through a lot of it, of course. The humor I know in Ilona Andrews’ books is not lacking here. Although, there is only so much raving one can do for a story that is too short for an anthology and revolves completely around an adult theme in such an epic way. Any fan of theirs should grab it (if you’re 18+ of course!). It’s a fast read and you’ll enjoy it. For a short story, 4.5 stars!