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Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout

So hard to do this without spoilers! I’m not doing synopsis’s of each book simply because they have minor spoilers in them, and while I personally don’t mind some spoilers, some people are fanatic about them. I simply want people to NOT tell me the major plot reveals and endings. That’s all. However, to be fair for those who wish to read it and enjoy it like I did – spoiler free – I’ll try to stay away from it.


In the previous book, Aiden does something so profound it could destroy his life if anyone ever learns of it, all to protect Alex. In this one, she’s dealing with the worry of that, the slow suspicion surrounding Seth, despite the fact she wants to believe in him. She keeps onto that hope and as well as trying to understand the difference between need and love, fate and choice. She keeps ignoring her suspicions, holding onto that deep friendship she has with Seth. Plus she has to dodge assassins from a fanatical cult bent on killing her. Oh, and keep her distance from the Pure she loves.


This is a slightly darker read, but the agony and worry really do infect the reader. Although I did want to strangle Alex a few times for purposely ignoring warning signs regarding one of the men in her life, but it is excusable once you understand it, so I’ll let that pass. Luckily for us readers, we really get to see a lot of Alex and Aiden moments, although he’s still a little difficult to read. By the end of the novel – a horrible cliffhanger – you are dying for the next one! I’m wavering between 4 and 5 stars here, so I’ll split the difference. 4.5 stars!