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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Katy and Daemon are again in trouble as they try to figure out everything that’s going on with the DOD and the new boy in school and the strange things that have been going on with Katy, and to make matters worse (for Katy), Daemon has decided that he wants her and will stop at nothing to convince her to be with him. As if life couldn’t get even more complicated….


I keep raving about this series, and the second book is really no exception. Katy is too mature for her own good – and her background explains it nicely – and keeps this book a one-sitting type of book. You can’t put it down, waiting and waiting for Katy to finally give in to Daemon. Plus you throw in the mysterious boy Blake and you’re in for a load of drama. It was very nicely done! Again 5 stars!