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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

The beginning of Daemon and Katy’s story and the start of an amazing series. Like I stated before, Katy moves to a new town and it turns out her hot – but assholish – neighbor is an alien. I know what it sounds like – if you’re like me and go “eh? Aliens…. how about no?” but I honestly couldn’t put this book – or series – down!

A YA paranormal romance series by one of the best YA authors I’ve read. Honestly, you want to pick up this book. Just give it a try and see if I’m wrong. It’s what I did.

I absolute adored Katy! She had the usual teenage hormones, but a more adult attitude due to spending a lot of time taking care of herself, and it is just classic how she deals with Daemon and his anti-human sentiment at first. She’s feisty, a reader (and blogger!!), and she does not take Daemon’s attitude even when he hurts her feelings. It’s glorious.

As for Daemon, you of course want to beat him over the head with the nearest tree branch for the first half of the book because he is such a complete jackass to Katy – and well, everyone else except his sister and his sometimes girlfriend Ash.

And yes, I know, most of you all hate Ash. Heck I did to, especially in this book. But you have got to have that mean girl in a High School setting. Just have to. Otherwise it wouldn’t really be realistically high school, right? We’ve been there, done that, wouldn’t want to go back. Or at least I wouldn’t, and the mean girls weren’t even mean to me! In any case, like most humans – or in Ash’s case, most Luxens – she has issues as we’ll learn later.

Overall, this is a glorious start of a series that had me reaching for the next immediately (even during this session of rereading). So even if YA, paranormal romance, or aliens aren’t your thing, I STILL suggest you pick up a copy (or borrow from the library, your friend, whoever) and try it out with this novel. If it can make me rant and rave on the greatness of Alien hotties, then it can have any of you doing the same.

If you don’t like it, you can always ignore the rest of the series and tell me I suck for torturing you with a bad pick. But I’m pretty sure you’ll devour the series like I did.

5 stars!!