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Someday Maybe - Ophelia London

I think most of us have had 'the one who got away' at one point or another in our lives.  I have - still remember him occasionally - and so the synopsis of this book really appealed to me.  Plus the cover was awesome.  I was really excited to start this novel and I was extremely glad I did.  

I was extremely worried about the fact Rachel meets Oliver again after so long while he is dating her best friend, but I was so ecstatic that Ophelia London handled that sooo well that I have no cause for complaint there.  I also want to point out that unlike so many female protagonists in romances, Rachel was not perfect but her flaws were actually fairly understandable.  The fact that she was scared of things had a reason and yet it wasn't beating us upside the head throughout the whole novel either.  


I really liked and connected with Rachel, which made it a lot easier to love Oliver.  He's not my usual type of guy I get hyped over in romances, but he was definitely perfectly characterized in this novel.  There were quite a lot of hints behind both of their motivations to certain things - past and present - that didn't get explain right out and I loved that the author gave us that.  I have been getting a little tired of having things shown one way in romance novels and then explained just plain outright when they didn't need to be.  The chemistry between these two was amazing and tangible throughout the entire novel without being too in your face, so that you're left wondering what Oliver is thinking sometimes.  Which is good.  We women always wonder why guys think sometimes when we're dating them, or falling for them, so it helps us readers connect to Rachel a bit better.  It was a nice touch, I thought.


For the record, I'm not a huge fan of Meghan.  BUT that's just fine.  It isn't anything big really, just her personality in the book.  She wasn't a horrible person or anything, just didn't really like her.  She made a good balance to Rachel as a friend though, so it works!  

The dialog and writing were so well done, I honestly can't think of a place I was upset with them at all.  The dialog is a big, huge, GIANT pet peeve of mine.  And I was happy I didn't have to wince with something that came out of someone's mouth that sounds wrong or stilted.  There weren't any words wasted over-explaining and that was nice.  (Even if I myself have that personality flaw when I'm talking - I over-explain, especially tired.  But I'm really smart so I don't need things over-explained when I read.  Makes me impatient sometimes.)


Also, the story wasn't that involved, but it didn't need to be.  It was simply a sweet second chance romance that leaves the reader feeling happy and satisfied afterwards.  I seriously want to read more by this author.  Amazing!  4.5 stars!

 *Received ARC for honest review*