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Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This installment is a lot darker than the others. I’m trying so hard not to give spoilers here, but I think it’ll be safe to say that Katy and Daemon got split up and neither one of them are taking that well. Daemon would burn the world for her and it shows in this novel. It’s also the first time you get to read from Daemon’s point of view in the entire series. Half of it is from Katy’s POV of course, but the other half is all Daemon. I was an emotional wreck throughout this entire novel. Ups and downs and “awww so want my own Daemon” moments had me all over the place. Once again, it was a one-sitting novel and I ate it up. It was beautiful and amazing and so angst-filled, I have no words. If I could rate it higher than 5 stars, I would. It was that good.

Opal  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is the novel when Katy and Daemon’s relationship really heats up and betrayals and some answers come to the surface. Finally. I was waiting for it and waiting for it and waiting for it! It doesn’t disappoint! JLArmentrout is amazing at the heat between these two and yet she also masterfully keeps from from jumping in the sack, without immediately saying “I’m not ready, let’s wait and hold hands” etc. It was masterfully done and I honestly don’t have anything to complain about there. Again, 5 stars!

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

The beginning of Daemon and Katy’s story and the start of an amazing series. Like I stated before, Katy moves to a new town and it turns out her hot – but assholish – neighbor is an alien. I know what it sounds like – if you’re like me and go “eh? Aliens…. how about no?” but I honestly couldn’t put this book – or series – down!

A YA paranormal romance series by one of the best YA authors I’ve read. Honestly, you want to pick up this book. Just give it a try and see if I’m wrong. It’s what I did.

I absolute adored Katy! She had the usual teenage hormones, but a more adult attitude due to spending a lot of time taking care of herself, and it is just classic how she deals with Daemon and his anti-human sentiment at first. She’s feisty, a reader (and blogger!!), and she does not take Daemon’s attitude even when he hurts her feelings. It’s glorious.

As for Daemon, you of course want to beat him over the head with the nearest tree branch for the first half of the book because he is such a complete jackass to Katy – and well, everyone else except his sister and his sometimes girlfriend Ash.

And yes, I know, most of you all hate Ash. Heck I did to, especially in this book. But you have got to have that mean girl in a High School setting. Just have to. Otherwise it wouldn’t really be realistically high school, right? We’ve been there, done that, wouldn’t want to go back. Or at least I wouldn’t, and the mean girls weren’t even mean to me! In any case, like most humans – or in Ash’s case, most Luxens – she has issues as we’ll learn later.

Overall, this is a glorious start of a series that had me reaching for the next immediately (even during this session of rereading). So even if YA, paranormal romance, or aliens aren’t your thing, I STILL suggest you pick up a copy (or borrow from the library, your friend, whoever) and try it out with this novel. If it can make me rant and rave on the greatness of Alien hotties, then it can have any of you doing the same.

If you don’t like it, you can always ignore the rest of the series and tell me I suck for torturing you with a bad pick. But I’m pretty sure you’ll devour the series like I did.

5 stars!!

Wild Wolf -  Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: FINALLY! You see them around each other in previous novels and I was dying to read their story. Of course the novel starts out some time into their relationship, but that doesn’t make it less in-depth. Honestly, I usually prefer the first meeting to be in the novel itself, but I’ll overlook it because of how good this one was! The chemistry between Misty and Graham seemed a bit lacking in the beginning – I mean, how could he resist the mating frenzy? – but towards the middle and end, there’s enough heat there for any romance fan to drool over. And sigh over. And daydream over. I digress. Although I do feel the Fae involvement here was a little…. over the top, maybe? I’m not sure. I could believe the Fae (or one Fae) was the big bad of the whole series and behind all this horrible stuff, but Jennifer Ashley is starting to throw in magic from humans (maybe the phrase should be more magic charms than magic abilities). However, despite that, I found this a worthwhile entry into the Shifters Unbound universe. 4 stars!

Feral Heat - Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: It was the perfect length, despite being a short novel. They’re both characters outside the main setting a bit, but they are both well-liked (at least by me). To be honest, I wasn’t sure of this pairing at first, but really, it worked wondrously! I have to give Jennifer Ashley kudos on that. I give it 4 stars!


Mate Claimed -  Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: As with the first book in this series, this one is one of my favorites. I’m just stating that up front. I loved and related to Iona quite well and the fierce heat between Eric and her nearly scorched the pages! Wowza! The development of both characters and plot was extremely well-done and awesomely implemented. 5 stars!

It's Spike's Turn

Hard Mated -  Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: I like Spike. Heck, I like the Spike from Buffy too. He’s just so bad-ass most of the time and despite – or maybe because of – his previous position as the former leader’s tracker when he was portrayed as a bit of a villain, this story was much anticipated by me. And it did not disappoint. Despite being a short novel, there was plenty of depth to this tale and plenty of heat as well. I felt it didn’t quite round out Myka as much as I wanted it to, but I couldn’t put it down when I got it and rereading it again didn’t change that. 4 stars!


(Two things.  First, this is the best cover of the series I think.  Awesome!!!  I was tempted to simply give 5 stars just for this cover.  Second, do NOT look up Hard Mated cover pics because you get a lot of pics you did NOT need.  LOL!!)

Prequel to Shifters Unbound

Shifter Made - Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: I read this after reading nearly all the other Shifters Unbound series and I recommend you read at least one of the full-length novels before you read this one as the importance of the sword to the Shifters isn’t exactly emphasized in this novella. However, it is also a good start to the series itself, taking place hundreds of years before the rest of the novels, when the Fae had yet to fully abandon our world. As with all of Jennifer Ashley’s stories, this is a romance.  A hard romance between a Feline Shifter – Niall – and a Fae woman – Alanna – and how they came to forge the Sword of the Guardian, and more especially, why.


Personally, it was a nice, but very short read, though I felt it could have been a little more drama surrounding the Fae/Shifter hatred those two should be experiencing. And it was really too short to like or dislike the main protagonists and it obviously wasn’t deeply involved. However, for a short fluffy explanation piece, it was well done. 3 stars.

Great Starting Novel

Pride Mates -  Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: This is the book that roped me into the series. I don’t remember where I picked up my printed copy, probably the local second-hand book store (because I love The Book Exchange), it looked interesting based off the blurb and the cover so I shrugged and grabbed it. And boy was I ever happy I did! Liam is uber-sexy with the Irish accent, the laid-back attitude, the alpha-ism, oh my! And he’s a Feline – in Jennifer Ashley’s world, they are actually Fae-cats – and any feline-type shifter in books makes me happy. They are my favorite! Plus Kim is very likable and I could really relate to her.  Not to mention her take charge attitude when dealing with Liam and his orders.  So I’d give this beginning novel 5 stars! It hooked me good!

Las Vegas Shifters!

Wild Cat -  Jennifer Ashley

Short Review: While I had a ton of characters I was dying to see paired up and was seriously ticked to move away from them to read about unknown characters falling in love, well… I loved it! Seriously, Diego was an alpha protagonist despite not being a Shifter and Cassidy was such an amazing woman that it made everything fit together perfectly. I still missed the Austin Shifters, but I was happy to read this romance.  I simply adore alpha men in my romances. 4 stars!